Pinned Items List reverted to default on Metadata flush

7.3.8. This sucks.

Also, the watched status of items in my collection are not restored when the metadata is repopulated post flush. Gah!

Have you let it compete an iCloud sync after the rebuild? It’s always returned it all for me when it’s finished after a cache clear. Are you using the subscription version or the free version?

I’m not paying for iCloud when I have a 40TB NAS.

I have the Pro version of Infuse.

So you have iCloud sync turned off?

Yes. I have iCloud sync turned off.

That’s why you’re settings and watched status are not restoring. I know you want to use the NAS instead of iClould but for now it is the only option. For me my iCloud storage for Infuse is well under a gig and it’s fast to restore all the home screen and watched status.

I’d really prefer not sending the metadata of my library to Apple. I might think my having a current, paid Apple TV subscription is enough moral cover for shows like Severance, Foundation, Invasion, or Ted Lasso living on my NAS; but their lawyers probably wouldn’t.

Plus, I’d have to pay for it, since just backing up my phone’s basic settings, contact list, and text messages takes up all the iCloud space you get for free.

There really out to be a separate local cache for Infuse program settings and Infuse library settings … so that when the library is inevitably flushed, the much smaller (presumably) program settings are preserved.

I mean, it didn’t forget the location of my NAS or favorite folders, so why did it forget my pinned items?

There is, but it’s ridiculously small. James has posted what it is but I can’t find it right now. Seems if I remember correctly it’s like 150Kb but I’m not sure. The rest is shared with other apps and subject to clearing.

For now we have to use iClould but you’ve added your +1 to the NAS storage suggestion so we can hope.

My metadata in Infuse is showing right at 7GB so with iCloud having the back up at roughly 720 Mb it’s not bad.

I don’t follow this. Please explain.

You can use trakt for watchlist if you don’t want to sync with to iCloud. But then you are sending your info to someone else and not sure that I would trust them more than iCloud. iCloud data is encrypted in transit and on server.

As @NC_Bullseye said the local persistent storage is small, just 500KB. Not enough to save anything really.

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If I was just a touch more paranoid I’d think the real reason James won’t allow us to save our libraries to our network drives is because Apple demands access to our libraries for “market research” purposes.

<tin foil hat>Yeah, but Apple wrote the algorithm and Apple holds the keys.</tin foil hat>