Pin is asked when triggering Siri while watching something

Hello! Minor bug that only exists if you search for a movie (not if you play it directly from the main screen). The Pin is asked when you trigger Siri while watching a movie and have Parental Controls enabled.

To reproduce it:

  • Make sure Parental Controls are enabled (so a Pin is required to watch a movie)
  • Search for a move using the Search function
  • Start watching
  • Use the Siri button for a task (e.g., switch off lights), the Pin will be requested.

My configuration is using Jellyfin, with the Library being disabled (so direct access), if that helps. Happy to test more if you think it is needed.

Thank you

Strictly out of curiosity, does it ask for the pin while you’re watching a video if you us say your phone or watch to ask Siri to do something, or is it only with the Siri button on the ATV remote?

It’s when pressing the Siri button on the remote.

But not with a phone or other device?

I was able to replicate this here. Seems strange it only appears when playback is started via search, but will look into it.

Edit: For now, you can avoid this by disabling the ‘Search Lock’ option under Parental Controls.


No, this is just hapenning when using the remote control.