Pin individual collections to Home Screen

Plex just added the ability to add single collections or smart collections to the homescreen.

In my case I have a collection for my “watchlist” for movies… all the movies i want to eventually get to… i then create a smart collection based on the previous collection but filter watch status. It then shows on my homescreen as my newest movies that I want to watch. Once I do watch one of them they are removed from that list (smart colleciton). Its absolutely brilliant.

Would this be possible? Just do add individual collections to homescreen.


It would be great to be able to show a specific collection(s) on the main screen like Plex allows. In addition why do we still not have tv show collections yet?

With Plex you can show a specific collection on home screen. This is a huge miss with infuse.

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Agree 100%
I cannot believe had to dig around this forum to find such an obvious (yet not implemented) feature.
I managed to hack movies collections by creating smart playlists so I can display them as a row on home screen. But for TV Shows the problem is that Plex manages the playlists as episodes/videos and not as whole series (which makes sense), so the hack doesn’t work in this case.

are we able to have more control on collections and be able to list collection categories on the home screen?
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