Pictures won't load



I have a problem with playing pictures on the apple tv black using the media player 0.7.1. When I try to play a jpg file it won’t  load i get all the time the spinning wheel. I used the tool seasonpass to jailbreak the apple tv and i’am using a wireless network with a freecom nas device.


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Hi, i have exactly the same problem with my synology ds 411j. the strange thing is that the slideshow function works fine, but i’m not able to browse the folder. after a half minute “loading content”, my apple tv restarts.

i use the latest version, used seasonpass to jailbreak and have a wifi network.

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same problem here using the media player 0.7 with freecom XS network drive, just get a spinning wheel forever.




I have also a freecom network drive xs. We have to wait for a update before it worked properly. 

When is this working update going to arrive, I.E. the one which will load JPEG’S

Jpg will load, but if the file sizes are large, they will take time to load. I compressed all mine to a small size and now they are fine.

I waited for 15mins for it to load 1 small Jpeg but still just get the spinng wheel so I think you theory doesn’t work, but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

That is a long time, mine taces a few seconds. What size are your jpg’s out of interest?


Hi between 1 and 1.5mb are the largest down to around .5mb for the smallest.



Yep, OK, they do need to be a lot smaller than that, as small as you can get. I have 2 coppies, so the originals on my PC that are circa 2mb then a compressed version on my NAS circa .2mb

Thanks for all your advise and help but still does not work.  I have took the image using a program called ROOT right down to the lowest quality 65KB and various other qualities but still just get the spinning wheel forever.  What program/method do you use to reduce the size and I will try that to see if it works.


regards Sid

OK, think you have other problems then as I can get jpg’s up to .4mb to load in a ‘reasonable’ time.

I use Photoshop 7 to compress all my photoes and set up an automated batch so as it just does it all for me (I had 1000’s orginaly).

When you open up the folder, what do you see on the screen? Just a spinning wheel or all the individual thumb nails (but no actual picture)?

A number of photo viewer improvements are in the works, and should be available in the next version.

Stay tuned.


Hi again


I can open all the folders and it shows a general icon with the name of the photo but when I select thats when nothing happens.  I know they work because I can load them through Itunes but that defeats the object of have a NAS drive