Pictures won’t upload

I’m having a problem where I can’t upload artwork to a folder or to a video that choses the wrong metadata. When the video only finds a couple of hits for the movie artwork, which are both wrong, I have to either reset the meta data so that it’s a still screen shot of said movies but, I have the original artwork on my pc but when I try to select them, in jpeg or png format, those files are greyed out and it won’t let me upload them to the folder or for the movie, which as mentioned above leaves me with a single frame screenshot of the movie as it’s artwork.

I use serviio on my server and the latest ios version of infuse for my ipad pro. Serviio is the one that works the best with my tv, no app or software involved, just straight up supported natively.

When I download from my server, serviio is detected automatically by infuse when I add a files.

If anyone knows why it’s not letting me to physically click and download the images to my ipad, it would be really cool if you hit me up with a solution.


If you’re trying to move image files with Infuse that won’t work. You have to use the built in file management app on the iPad to move the image file to the correct location.

Hi, thanks for helping out, the file is on my ipad, it’s also on my nuc which is the server, nuc 8559BEH.

I see that infuse has a file management option in it’s settings but I have tried to download the jpegs from the dropbox app and from my nuc and on my ipad, but sadly, it’s close but no cigar.

A step by step guide would be of great help as for whatever reason, when trying to update shows or movies artwork, the file is either greyed out or I get an error saying an error occurred loading this content and this type of content is not supported yet.

The files are jpegs and png’s.

Does anyone have a simple walk me through guide so that I can figure out wtf is going on.


And again, the file management in Infuse is only for video files, it will not handle jpegs and png files. You have to use the device OS file transfer apps to move the artwork into the directory they belong.

This may help.

I have tried to load a file into the directory using the files app, I put the image file where the tv show is located, but it still doesn’t work, even though the file is in the same directory of the videos it’s not being used as the artwork. The file is the same name as the video, but jut a different filetype.

It doesn’t matter as now the videos that worked fine last night now won’t play, thats even the ones that have the correct artwork and which didn’t need me to jump through hoops to get the correct artwork, you know, the ones that the app finds by itself.

Can you post a pic of the file names and structure with the artwork files from the files app showing the directory of the movies that it’s not working in?

I deleted the app as the videos wouldn’t play, they kept giving me the same error on all videos when trying to play them, but the videos worked fine yesterday so maybe my app got corrupted somehow ?

I’ve downloaded the app again but it’s too late tonight to mess with it now, but I will start again tomorrow and get back to you. Just to add, the shows name was Edge of Darkness.mkv and the artwork file was named Edge of Darkness.jpeg and both were in the same folder.

The jpeg was 52kb in size, i thought i’d mention the size incase there was a size limit for artwork.

It’s not the one with mel gibson in it, it’s the bbc original that I have and the artwork kept defaulting to mel gibsons terrible version.

I will get back to you tomorrow.

There’s a good chance that there in lies your problem.

Are you talking about a movie or TV show? If your talking about a movie and the one you’re looking for was released in 1943 which is the original from what I can tell then you need to name the file “Edge of Darkness 1948.mkv” and the poster Edge of Darkness 1948.jpg"

If you’re talking about the BBC mini series from 1985 then you need to name the episodes as “Edge of Darkness 1985 S01E01.mkv” and the artwork has to follow the users guide for TV shows.

Note the Series Poster is available only while using Library.

Had a quick try this morning and it’s working, videos that weren’t working are also now working again since I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I did exactly what I was doing yesterday, adding a jpeg of the title in to the same folder where the actual video is located, also the folder, the video and the artwork all had the same name. I had already looked at the artwork support pages and thats why I made my post here because what it was telling me to do, just wasn’t working.

The only thing I can think of is that somehow my app got corrupted, as the videos that did work and which were in the infuse folder where all my movies go in to and then in it’s own folder suddenly kept giving me content loading problems and adding artwork files didn’t do anything and I must of refreshed 500 times over the few hours I was at it, but I must admit it does get 95% of the artwork correct from the net by itself.

The 1943 Edge of Darkness I don’t think is the original, the original was made in the late 1980s by the bbc and it’s about kinda shadowy government thriller / drama at a nuclear handling facility which was breached by activists and the death of one of them at the start sets the ball rolling for an “Excellent” thriller / drama. This is when the BBC made good programmes. If you’re in to intelligent thrillers this is a must see.

I forgot to add that it was a short 3 or 4 part TV thriller, if you are in to things like that it is very good and it takes me back to being 16’ish again.

You missed the point. You have to name the files based on whether it’s a movie or a TV show. When you do not have the “S01E01” as part of the file name Infuse will assume it’s a movie and only give you movie search data.

The one you have is as I said

If you fail to have the year, Infuse will select the most popular for multiple series or movies with the same name.

You can always check on TMDB to see if you have the correct info. for example

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