Pictures inside a playlist

How could I set my own pictures for my files inside a playlist on my iPad?

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Have you tried adding an image next to each “(filename).mov” file in the format “(filename)-thumb.jpg”?

Assuming these aren’t identified as movies or TV or shorts so not certain that would work, but maybe worth trying?

You can take a look here for more examples

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Hi FLskydiver
Jep, have try it all. But still not lucky.
My files are not movies or Tv episodes, but only as described ‘Another’.
I also tried with your proposal, -thump but no, not working…
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Did you try selecting the item and doing an edit metadata on it? That might force infuse to reload any local files.

Jep, so far no problem changing the pictures when making favorites. Those small icons. By doing a edit metadata on it by reloading my local files.
But still not able to change pictures on my files in the playlist.

-fanart was it. Now they are just as I want in my playlist


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