Picture Stutter After Installing 7.7

Been running the same setup for years with very few issues but I would like to report an issue I discovered in the new 7.7 release. My equipment is the latest AppleTv 4K with the latest IOS release (17.3). I’ve had the same setup for years with NO issues but now under version 7.7 if I start a movie and then pull down the menu from the top of the screen to go to a future chapter infuse will start to play at the newly requested chapter but it stutters. If I stop the movie and resume it plays fine. These are 4k movies being streamed from my Windows 11 PC through an Ethernet connection. I’ve played these movies before and have skipped ahead in previous versions without issue. This bug is easily replicated and it occurs on different movies.

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Nobody has this issue??? I can repeat it on every movie I watch. While playing movie use the top pull down menu and under video choose chapters and jump ahead a few chapters and the movie will go to the new chapter and start stuttering. I have to shutdown Infuse Pro and swipe close and reopen and resume movie and it plays fine.

Any thoughts? Just started with version 7.7

Edit: I’ve narrowed this issue down to: When I use Makemkv to make a full backup copy of my 4K movies I move the three created folders (BDMV, CERTIFICATE, and MAKEMKV) into a folder named “AVCHD” as that is required for my Oppo 205 to recognize the movie. This is the scenario where Infuse Pro does not play properly when I skip ahead using chapters as outlined above. If I just choose the movie from the 4K disk and make a single mkv file using Makemkv then I have NO issues skipping chapters ahead.

Only a few of my full 4k backups exhibit this issue with “stuttering” when I use the skip ahead chapters feature.

Any thoughts, as I have to use the “AVCHD” folder structure for compatibility with my Oppo. I’m not sure when this issue first came about so version 7.7 may not be too blame as I don’t skip ahead often.

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