Picture Still Stuttering After 1.5 Update

I’m using 99% VOB files.

When the picture pans, I’ve always had a stuttering. Was hoping this would be addressed in the latest release with all the improvements that were mooted.

I still get it, in fairness its only slight (as it has always been) but I have a eye for minute detail and notice it everytime. When I play the original DVD I dont notice it at all, its smooth and perfect.

Would really like this addressed as as i say I have an eye for detail and it bugs me! :slight_smile:

What application are you using to rip the DVD? Have you tried a different one?

DVD Shrink for VOB folders.

On the odd occasion that it wont rip, I use something else (cant remember what it is called) that rips to MP4 but i dont like the loss of quality.

I want something that rips to DVD quality.

Any recomendations on what to try?

If you have a Mac, RipIt is a nice option - though there have been reports of issues with some of the newer Disney DVDs (Cars 2, Thor, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc…).

AnyDVD seems to be a pretty reliable option for Windows.

Thanks James. I’m a Windows user.

When you say AnyDVD, do you mean AnyDVD + CloneDVD, have looked at these before and came to the conclusion I needed both.


I can use just the “Rip to Image” option within AnyDVD.  Since Media Player can now play images directly that works well.