Picture shaping options (brightness, contrast, colour etc...)

Hi James,
I remember that there was the plan, to add shaping options like brightness, contrast, colour etc.
My old medi8ter, that I still use for 3D playback is having this feature.
One can change the picture while the movie is running. This way you can see the effect directly.
Do you still have this option on the schedule? Would be great.
Many thanks, Gregor.

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Hi, any chance to get a reply about this topic?
Many thanks, Gregor :slight_smile:

Is there a way to adjust the video color, contrast, hue display setting per file. I’d like to adjust the colors based depending on how the movie was created and the mood I’m in that day :man_artist:t6:instead of a one size fits all thing preferably on Apple TV but if there’s an iPadOS setting option that would be great as well? Please and thank you to anyone who can give some feedback.

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Not at this time but I’m moving your post to the suggestions forum so others can show their support if they too would like this feature.

Dear Creators,

I’m using Appletv with a projector and it would be greatly appreciated to see a gamma adjust button in the app to make videos better visible.


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Is there any plan to add gamma adjust to make it more projector-friendly?


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Ok so I have a good suggestion that would save these classic movies, im on iPhone so I’m not sure if this option exists on other platforms but a lot of my videos I watch on infuse are HDR 4K, unfortunately for some that don’t know most of the ultra 4K HDR movies that are released are poorly done with wrong color contrast unnecessary cheap extra filters like DNR that end up making the movie look plastic instead of the grainy look it’s supposed to have and ofcourse 98% of them are darker then there are supposed to be, my suggestion was if the devs could add more video options like changing contrast, brightness, highlights, color, etc or even certain pre made modes like movie mode this way we could at least correct the dark & color issues. Suck companies dont really care about these classics, but those extra options would atleast make the viewing experience more enjoyable when necessary.

Hi, can we have this setting please as most tv do?

Most of my movie collection is in 4K HDR or DV, and everything is fine when using my phone/iPad and the ambient light is low, but when I try to stream movies when at work or on the train everything is super dark.

I understand that hdr/dv movies have lots of DR, but now being able to see most of the film because the gamma/luminosity/whatever the term is called is not high enough is problematic.

I have an iPhone 13 pro max that should have enough brightness, but some movies are really dark (I’m looking at you Marvel movies) and also some shows (the blacklist, Star Trek discovery, etc).

Os it possible to have a setting to help with this?


Hi, as you can see, I have started this topic some years ago. It was even announced as an upcoming feature before.
Meanwhile, especially due to the Atmos problem, I am using a orbsmart r 81, additionally.
This player has the feature to change common picture prametrs, which is extremely helpful in several situations.
Sometimes you have bad hdr results, or just dark movies. Or you just have a very sunny day.
I also have an epson 9400, and sometimes like to give it a little more punch.
My experience shoes, that it is more effective, when the parameter change comes from the player, and not from the tv or Beamer.
Btw, the R81 is an android player, using Kodi. It cannot compare to infuse in terms of gui and ease of use. Also, Netflix and Amazon runs at very bad Resolution, and is therefore not useable for this purpose. But it can do Atmos and picture shaping.

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Hey @james

Can we have an update on this? It’s been years since it’s been requested and this is a basic video playback option. It is much necessary as at the moment infuse can’t be used for these kind of files, basically failing at properly playing video.

I am waiting for an answer since years :wink:

They don’t even care to give an answer about a playback problem.

Don’t know why the hell I keep paying. They ignore their clients.

This may be something we look at adding down the road, but to date we have not gotten many people asking for this - so it’s a lower priority item.

It shouldn’t be a low priority issue as it actually prevents the use of your app when playing those files. And most of the new shows/movies use this video format.

And more so, it’s a really moderately simple fix as all the support for tone mapping and gamma modification is already working in infuse.

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I’d like to also request for brightness adjustment specifically, because it’s basically essential for playing HDR content which is becoming increasingly popular as it tends to go along with 4K content.

I know that, in the Mac app at least, there’s a big improvement in selecting “Infuse” HDR over “Apple” HDR. But it’s still noticeably darker than watching a SDR version of the same content.

I solve this in another video player on a different platform by bumping up the brightness level on HDR content by 3 clicks, which produces the same overall brightness as an SDR source. I want to do the same in Infuse, but there’s no way to do that.

And it sucks because I’m left with the choice of watching inferior resolution 1080p SDR, or higher-quality but darker 4K HDR, since 4K content often isn’t available in SDR.

I think two years ago brightness adjustment wasn’t as important because very little content was available in HDR. But now that it’s well on its way to becoming a new normal, PLEASE rethink the priority here.

(And obviously as long as you’re implementing a brightness slider, it makes sense to implement traditional saturation/contrast/gamma alongside it.)

THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

And one more option as a fallback – if it’s still not worth doing all the UX to implement sliders, then simply add an extra option under “HDR Colors” dropdown on Mac, so alongside “Apple” and “Infuse” you could add “Infuse Bright” which would be a tone mapping to bump brightness so that 10-bit HDR scenes look as bright as 8-bit SDR scenes, knowingly resulting in occasional clipping in mega-bright values. I realize there’s no “perfect” value translation here, but anything from modern HBO, Apple, and Disney content should work as a good guide.

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These questions for picture shaping in infuse go back to somehow 2018 or earlier. When James announced that this would soon be possible.
Today with dv and hdr it would be even more necessary. Also, it ca be helpful with the use of beamers, in order to add a little more punch to the picture.
It’s a pitty, that there is never a reaction from James, beside the one, that not many people are asking for it.
Then why did he announce it?
And honestly, I do not need reactions, that are telling me that I don’t need this feature.
That’s why I changed to a system, that can do it, and more :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to like :heart: the first post. Unless there are enough users interested in a feature it may not get implemented.

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Come on, it’s time. I’ve stopped using infuse because of this.

I like your app, but if I can’t see what’s been played what’s the point?

This is the “Suggestions” area of the forum where the developer can gauge how much interest there is in an asked for feature.

Not everyone has the same interest in a feature and why would a developer spend time adding a feature that only a few users showed a desire for?

If you would like to see this feature added to Infuse then it’s as easy as clicking on the like button on the first post.