Picture shaping options (brightness, contrast, colour etc...)

Hi James,
I remember that there was the plan, to add shaping options like brightness, contrast, colour etc.
My old medi8ter, that I still use for 3D playback is having this feature.
One can change the picture while the movie is running. This way you can see the effect directly.
Do you still have this option on the schedule? Would be great.
Many thanks, Gregor.

Hi, any chance to get a reply about this topic?
Many thanks, Gregor :slight_smile:

Is there a way to adjust the video color, contrast, hue display setting per file. I’d like to adjust the colors based depending on how the movie was created and the mood I’m in that day :man_artist:t6:instead of a one size fits all thing preferably on Apple TV but if there’s an iPadOS setting option that would be great as well? Please and thank you to anyone who can give some feedback.

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Not at this time but I’m moving your post to the suggestions forum so others can show their support if they too would like this feature.