Picture quality on infuse appleTV

I’m currently streaming Spider Man across the spider-verse 4k UHD rip. My setup is Plex server on an i9 windows machine.
Plex has issues with audio delays so I decided to stream it via infuse. However, the picture looks much brighter on Plex than on Infuse.
Infuse doesn’t do any transcoding, yet picture quality and sound feels better on Plex app.

Does anyone have any recommendations I could try on infuse for the highest quality level steaming?

Unless you are an expert and can distinguish between what is intended or not this becomes a very subjective topic, especially if you have been used to what one player is doing. For instance, just because plex is brighter does not mean it is more accurate. It might be showing shadows more at the expense of highlights or turning on DV when it can’t actually play it. Make sure that match content and frame rate is turned on and that you choose an accurate picture mode on your tv (google your model to find out what that is). On Apple TV with 4K HDR source infuse is doing very little processing. Conversion from SDR to HDR or HDR to SDR, on the other hand, requires tone mapping that would be different than other players.

For audio, infuse is decoding using Dolby/DTS tools to give you the best quality possible through Apple TV.

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This is probably not an issue with quality at all, but rather HDR (high dynamic range) content, which is usually the case with new 4K content.

Infuse used to show HDR content a little bit too darkly, but that was fixed in the spring so now it seems to be at correct brightness. So make sure you’re at the newest version? And Plex might be showing it too brightly, although I have no way of knowing.

Also make sure, if you have the option, that Settings > Playback > HDR Colors is set to “Infuse” rather than another option like “Apple”. The “Apple” version of HDR Colors is too dark, while the Infuse one that got updated in the spring is a correct level of brightness.

But also, this is a good reason to highlight why brightness and contrast controls would be super helpful to add to Infuse:

(And it’s extremely unlikely that there’s any actual change in image or audio quality. But brightness has been a major issue with HDR content over the past few years – the VLC player is noticeably the absolute worst with it, for example.)

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Thanks for quoting me. Actually, I never got an answer on that, as far as I remember. But I remember very well, that this feature was in planning by James. Anyway ….