Picture Quality a very Nontechnical Comparison

Picture Quality a very Nontechnical Comparison.
So First off I will start off by saying the Apple tv 4k is now my Daily Driver with Infuse. I have been a fan of the Odroid C2 with Libreelec for about 2 years plus or minus but when I upgraded my Tv and it had HDR I needed to move to something that would support it. My second favorite was the Popcorn hour a-500 I just always liked the depth of colors etc.
The one thing I am seeing from my Odroid with Libreelec to Infuse is the Crispness of the picture. I am not going to bother to try and take a picture to show the comparison because I doubt it would be that noticeable. I can tell a difference though when switching back and forth between the two devices. Has anyone else noticed a slightly less sharper picture with infuse? I also have MrMC and find the Picture not quiet as crisp as Infuseā€¦ Thoughts?

By no means am I knocking Infuse, I think it is close to being my Perfect Media Player, as I have ever found. I was just curious if anyone else felt the picture was not a sharp?

This problem is already known :slight_smile:
They will implement some post-processing and sharpening options in a future version of Infuse ??