Picture interference

Hello please Help! Over time I’m getting more and more issues with picture quality streaming from
My synology disk station to my Apple TV.

Apple TV and tv are 4k but issues are largely on 1080p stuff. Attached is video and screenshot. Any ideas greatly received.

I use the ftp server from the disk station.


File is 1080p AAC 5.1

Thanks (there are more examples but wanted to give detail on this one)

Does it happen at the same place in the video every time?

Is this a MP4 file?

Hello. Thanks for reply. Yes it is an mp4 and yes it does happen in same place I think

I’ve seen that in mp4 files that are corrupted. If it’s happening in the same place that’s a good indicator that the file may be damaged.

You may want to see if you can locate a different rip of that show and see if it’s any better.

Thank you that’s useful. Annoyingly it seems to be on a lot of my files.