Picture in Picture mode missing

I’ve noticed that I couldn’t put in in PIP mode, is this a bug ?

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You mean not having PiP or the character in the screen cap? :clown_face: :rofl:

iOS PIP is not supported with every file format. Can you share the video details? Using mediainfo or similar app

No lol that’s just Kami from dragon ball Z, but if you look at the top left, the PIP option isn’t there, also there’s a random bug that happens if you go back and fourth to full screen and PIP mode, the PIP mode will also disappear in that situation as well.

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I’ve had this same problem with the first few seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’m pretty sure the PiP icon only shows up if the show is widescreen, and not if it’s 4:3.

It would also be great if swiping up from the bottom turned on PiP like most video apps, cause that would likely fix this issue as well.