Picture in main folder with subfolders or multiple files

Hi. I have Stephen King’s Pet Sematary 1 + 2. I’ve organized it so in my movie folder I have “Stephen King’s PET Sematary boxset” and in that folder i have part one and two. I want the main folder to have a picture and not just the gray folder symbol. I have the picture in the folder. I have tried naming it folder.jpg, folder.png, favorite-atv.jpg, favorite-atv.png, favourite-atv and favourite-atv.png. The size of the pic is 1000x1500 pxl. I use ftp from my qnap server to Apple tv 4

You may check to ensure you are connecting via FTP and not UPnP/DLNA, as artwork won’t be available with either of these options.

Alternatively, you may look at using the Library view as Infuse will group these two items into a single Collection for your automatically.

I AM connecting through ftp. Something wrong with naming of files maybe?

Have you tried labeling the picture you want to use for the folder the exact same name as the folder the movies are in? Like “Stephen King’s PET Sematary boxset.jpg”?

Also note that the pic doesn’t go into the folder you’re trying to have it represent, it goes in the same directory as the folder.

That solved the problem. Naming the picture the exact same name as the folder. And then move the picture in the main movie folder. Thank you for sorting this out

Outstanding! Glad it worked out for you.

Your response saved my sanity! I couldn’t figure out why the folder.jpg files weren’t showing up. So simple, put them in the same directory as the folder. I kept putting them in the actual folder. Thanks.

Just passing on some of the pearls I scrounged while trying to figure this thing out. Glad you salvaged your marbles! :slight_smile:

You can use the folder.jpg as well, I do. But my movies are placed in sub folders. So in the box set-folder I have folder.jpg and one folder for each movie.