Picture freezes

Hi everybody,

Ever since the update my mkv movies on my IPad Pro are freezing during playback. The picture freezes but the sound will continue for a few seconds after. I’m using infuse pro 6, as I’ve said with an IPad Pro and the mkv files are stored on my IPad.

The mkv movies will play on VLC mobile without any issues.

Is this happening with all videos, or just a few?

Would you be able to send in a sample we can review here?

Hi James,

It seems to be affecting the 4K HEVC remux mkvs as opposed to the 1080p AVC remux mkvs.

I’ll try and post a sample tomorrow.

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So, I’ve tried uploading a sample but these files are just too big. If you get chance obtain 1917 or Inception by FGT 4k remuxs and you will see for yourself what is happening. I know for a fact there is nothing wrong with 1917 as I played right the way through a while back on Infuse Pro and it was fine, now the picture freezes and becomes unplayable after only a few minutes. Something in the update has caused these types of files to become unplayable. If I had to guess I would say it’s got something to do with Infuse’s in built codecs.

Freezes again 13 mins 41 seconds in with this release:


If this happens again, please send in a report from your Apple TV (Infuse > Settings > Submit Diagnostics) and post the 5 digit code here so we can investigate.

Hi James, I don’t use Apple TV. I only use an IPad with the Infuse Pro 6 app.

Ah, in that case, you can use the ‘Email Us’ option found in Infuse > Settings.

Just tap Email Us, and it will generate a 5 digit code. You don’t need to actually send the email.

[Insert feedback here]

Diagnostics: DSX87

Sent from my iPad

I presume once the picture freezes I click done in the top hand left hand corner of the screen and switch to settings and then click the email option. It seems to give out a different Diagnostic code every time.

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I’m having to use Infuse Pro 5 instead of Infuse Pro 6 for all my entertainment needs. The above Goonies release and other 4k remux releases play fine on the Pro 5 with no issues at all.

Can you try with the latest 6.5.1 release, and let us know if the issue persists?

Unfortunately, it is still doing it even with the updated version of Infuse Pro. Strangely, it only affects 4k movie blu-ray mkv remuxes with very high bitrates.

Edit: When playing the movies for the first time they are fine it’s when I stop the movies part the way through and restart them that’s when I have problems and they will freeze.

Edit 2: I seem to have found a workaround of sorts. Once I’ve watched the movie all the way through for the first time or I’ve stopped it part the way through before watching it again I need to mark it as unwatched and then it plays fine without any freezing.