Picture for folder with mixed recordings?


I have pictures for every movie, that is working good.
But I have one folder called “Recordings” where I have some unsorted TV recordings and don’t need correct pictures for every recordings, cause I delete them soon after watching. But is it possible, that I use an own image for the folder “Recordings”? But how to name that picture and where to store it?
Recordings.jpg and poster.jpg inside the folder did not work. What else could I try?

Did you try the instructions in the same users guide referenced in your other thread? Metadata 101 – Firecore

Folder artwork

Folder artwork can be set by adding a folder.png or folder.jpg file to any folder (1000 x 1500 recommended size).

Custom artwork can also be added to local folders created within Infuse by uploading a folder image via FTP or Wi-Fi Browser upload.

Yes, like I wrote above I created a recordings.jpg inside the folder, but it is not used. Why?

I tried everything, but nothing is used - look attached screenshot.
Maybe it is, because the video files in that directory do have any names?


I don’t see a pic file named “Folder.jpg” like I quoted above from the users guide.

Sorry, I thought it should be called like the folder name. When I really just name it “Folder.jpg” it works - Thank you very much!
Could you please answer my last question how I can force Infuse to check or reload the images?

If you go through the edit metadata option and re-select the correct version it will check for new info and artwork and download it if there are any changes.

Thank you very much, that app is so cool!

You’re very welcome! :wink: Enjoy!

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