Picks of the day only for unwatched

This new feature looks great! However, don’t you think it should only include unwatched material only?

Thank you for the nice update.


Same optionen. It’s a really nice idea, but for me it would also make much more sense to show only unwatched movies and shows. But I have one more point.

Picks of the day suggest TV show seasons, but does not start with the first unwatched. I get for example season 6 as suggestion for shows, which I have already watched and marked as watched, but also for TV Shows I haven’t watched at all. Suggesting season x when season 1 is still unwatched is not a good suggestion.

I’m the opposite. I thought this was a waste of time. There’s already a ‘unwatched’ section to show me what I could watch next so I can’t see what benefit this adds other than clutter up the Home Screen. I turned the feature off straight away but I guess each to their own and some people must have wanted it :man_shrugging:t4: If it’s to be developed then I think you’re right it makes sense to be unwatched and start with the first available season of unwatched TV series.

Doesn’t the already existing unwatched section list TV shows or Movies strictly in alphabetical order? The pick of the day list is in a random order. Maybe allow the unwatched section to list in a non alphabetical order which would then make the pick of the day redundant.

Exactly the feature correction I came here to ask. Very different from unwatched which is not “random” but alphabetical.

Any news about this? It’s really annoying to be suggested already watched movies… really no point for me. Could it be an option please?


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Adding my support for this. An option in the settings for “unwatched only in picks of the day” would be great.

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