Picasa on ATV 2 ??

Hi there !


I am looking for my ATV2(black) a way to see my pictures which are stored in picasa. Is

there a way or is somewhere a app for this ?? I tried to watch the pics with the couch sufer

but its not quite easy … :frowning: or good handling …


Would be great when someone could help me …


Take care

nice greetings


second the idea. Picasa is great and Apple sucks because doesn’t want to support Google tools.


That was also my guess which I thought ! So I thought maybe “someone” can programm a little app for Picasa … Or maybe the

guys here from FireCore (which already did a great job with all the stuff) can include an app for Picasa … I was thinking that even more people will

use Picasa because its free and with google+ account there is no limitation of pics anymore … so I am wondering that nobody wants or need such an application :frowning:

because on my opinion it would be so great if I could connect to picasa and browse my pics or such as “screensaver” or whatever …

Nice greetings

+1, we need more supporters for this request. Picasa, Picasa!


yes , Picasa , picasa