Physical remote control For Mac

Amazed to see there is a Mac version of Infuse - fantastic! Does anyone know of a physical remote control I can use to control Infuse on the Mac? Would any of the Apple TV remotes work, or a Roku remote etc?

You can try installing remote buddy on the Mac? If it doesn’t work talk to them about added support for infuse.

Maybe just turn iPhone a remote like the Apple TV remote app


I’d be interested if anyone has found anything that works well. I’ve been using this for a while now. It’s incredibly powerful and customizable and you can even create custom widgets. It’s the only thing that does what I’ve needed in order to properly control my iMac from afar. It’s not cheap but it’s a solid app.

I haven’t tried this one but if you have a spare Siri remote this may be an option.

Oh man. I wish I found that earlier. That’s nice and easy. I do like that I can customize the app I use but sometimes it’s nice to just pick up a physical remote. Thanks!

Thanks, installed SiriMote and paired an Apple TV remote but it doesn’t seem to be able to control Infuse. Even if Apple Music isn’t running, pressing play on the remote causes Apple Music to launch and start playing a track. So close! I will contact the developer and see if it can be made to work with Infuse because this would be an awesome solution for a physical remote.

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Keep us posted! :+1:

Developer says he will investigate for the next release. Fingers crossed.