Photos on ATV1

Hi I have an up to date ATV1 (silver), it is not jailbroken and I have a couple of questions


  1. does ATV Flash “jailbreak” the ATV1 or do I have to do that first? if it does not, is there an idiot proof way to do it, I am afraid of losing my photos on the ATV1

  2. when I instal ATVFlash does it erase what si already on the ATV1?

  3. Once done, can i retrieve photos that are on my ATV1 HDD, my old computer died and I really want to get the photos off, this is the main reason for my purchase If i go ahead.


Many thanks



Hi, the original aTV Flash will include everything you need for the ATV1…no jailbreak required.

Installing aTV Flash will not affect what is currently on the Apple TV.

Once aTV Flash has been installed, photos and other media files can be recoeved by following the steps in the guide found here.