Photo viewing

I just got my ATV4 so I can display all my media. I want to ditch Kodi on my htpc and I don’t use itunes. Plex is way too slow for me flipping thru my photos.

Will Infuse ever support photo viewing so I can dump Plex and make Infuse my go to media viewing app? If so, when?


Keep up the great work!


Would love this feature too


OS X Photo Library support ! :smiley:

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One of my most favourite request.

To be honest I was a little bit disappointed that INFUSE actually doesn’t support this feature.

PLEASE add this one to your to do list.!!!


Hopefully not! There are plenty of other ways to view photos on the ATV. I’d hate for Infuse to become bloated with crap. :slight_smile:

What other ways? I don’t want to use a iTunes and Plex is slow and clunky.

Please explain.

Share, please. I have big set of family photos on my NAS, so I’m really curious how can I view them on the ATV without running the intermediate iTunes crap somewhere.

… and the same goes for my NAS music library, btw.

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AirPhotoTV, FilebrowserTV etc … there are lots of different apps on the ATV Appstore that does this. Do a search!

Flickr is pretty good for this too.

AirPhotoTV, FilebrowserTV etc … there are lots of different apps on the ATV Appstore that does this. Do a search![/quote]

Airphoto TV is garbage. I bought all the others. FileBrowser worked but only for my basic needs. The experience lacked.

Every app in the app store is lacking one thing or another including Infuse hence the photo video viewing request.

Infuse could be the de facto media viewing app.

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i would really be good to have Photo viewing so that infuse becomes centralized place for all your media.

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I currently use FileBrowser on my iPad for browsing my library of photos in raw .NEF format and I have been looking for a solution for my Apple TV. I will have a look at FileBrowserTV later.

Maybe another app could be developed by the guys behind Infuse to keep things separate? I just want a nice, fast, easy to use interface to view my photos and home movies. I would be great if these features could all be integrated into one app, and I wouldn’t mind paying an upgrade fee from my current Infuse Pro license to get this.

FileExplorer also does a good job and since I am now using that for .mp3 files it is the app I am also using for photos.

My mistake, it was File Explorer that I use on my iPad. I downloaded FileBrowserTV but it does not display .nef images properly as it is only a very low res preview that it seems to show. Does anyone know of an app to view .nef images on ATV?

Can we get an answer on this, pls?

Please no! Absolutely not! This should be a separate application.

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I miss that feature. +1

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If you have your photos on a Synology NAS, the Synology Photo app on ATV is very good and fast.

Definately not needed or missed. Stick to videos.

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There is no good universal cloud photos app for Apple TV.

I’d love to see the ability to get photos from Google Photos.

If someone doesn’t like it, they don’t have to use it, of course.