photo slideshow issues

  1. Currently it seems that only one type of photo-slideshow is available with the media player. It would be nice if all the types of slideshow that are available with the Flickr menu, could be available with the media player. 

  2. Auto (or manual) rotation of the photos would be appreciated.  

  3. Another issue is when using the grid-view the icons for the photos could be made as “thumbnails” in stead of staying as the default (ticket) icon. 

  4. It also seems that the when trying to view a single photo the media player caches a bunch of photos from the same folder, but it takes loooong time and meanwhile showing the “loading wheel” … why not show the photo I have chosen (while caching), and if I press next button and the next image is not yet ready then give me the “loading” or “please wait” message?

  1. is becasue your photos are too big, I had exactly the same problem but once I compressed them, they showed as a thumbnail instaed of the ticket icon. Its a pain as I have 1000’s of photos and done want to spend months compressing them all.

  2. Agreed, this is needed.

  3. Also the slidshow doesnt show all the photos in the folder and repetedly shows the same pics, I cant work out the logic but it isnt working quite right.