Photo Directory Structure

I use Aperture 3 to store all my photos, which are organised with a year, month folder structure. When I view the library on the standard Apple TV 2 it displays all the photos, but without the year, month folder structure - making it very difficult to navigate through a library with over 5000 photos in it. I've tried using iPhoto with the same result.

What I'm trying to do is preserve a Year, Month, directory structure to get to albums/projects when viewed from the ATV2 - is this possible with aTV flash?

I'd prefer to do this in Aperture, but if I need to export form Aperture to a directory structure that would be fine, as long as that structure is maintained when viewed through aTV Flash.

Yes, the upcoming version of 'Media Player' will allow you to do just that.

Unfortunately it won't have direct integration of Aperture, but if you have your photos organized in folders by year/month/day, that folder structure will be visible on the AppleTV as well.

A few screenshots of the photo viewer in action can be found here:

Thanks James, that sounds promising is this version 0.3 released on Friday?



Yes, version 0.3 has improved photo handling.