Philips Hue support

+1 hue entertainment

+1 hue entertainment

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Yes, I would also use this feature. Could you comfirm that you’re working on this?

I’m bumping this topic because I was looking for something similar and I’d love to have it on my Apple TV, since it can natively control HomeKit devices. In addition, Philips hue now supports this “entertainment” functionality, so you can choose which lamps will react and where they are positioned.

+1 !

I love this infuse app on apple TV.
It would be awesome if we could sync our philips hue with the movie played from infuse

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Please add HomeKit support.

Philips Hue Entertainment would be also a good idea.

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Now (in the current tvOS beta) that the Apple TV is an official HomeKit accessory, it may be possible to pull the screen colour to tell a hue lamp. That way it is global and not infuse specific. Would be awesome


All I’d want this for is to dim the lights when a movie starts playing and raise them when it stops. That would be slick.

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Wow, this would be indeed very awesome. The HT is full of those bulbs and light strips. It would be amazing if this feature would be added!

Hue integration would be soooo awesome!

Pleas shed some light on this subject James.

Would be super interested Vs my current setup of Hue TV + filming the screen and sucking battery of my iPhone…

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+1. Philips introduced the Philips Hue Entertainment program earlier this year. I hope Apple will implement this is their Apple TV’s. Those are HomeKit devices too. I can only imagine how cool this would be in my living room. I have 6 bulbs and three light strips there. Would be awesome!

Iptv and hue would be the best for me
Up +1

Holy ignored thread FireCore!

This is an interesting idea, and would bring a much more unique and immersive movie watching experience, and to be honest, ignoring multiple customer requests is just rude.

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James, is this feature coming?

I wanna add a +1 for this request. Philips released a Hue Sync App for Mac today which works great. There is also an Open source release on github called huestacean.
Please add support for Hue Entertainment in Infuse for TVOS.

Also tested Hue Sync and it works like a charm.

It would be really great if James could add his thoughts to this discussion. :slight_smile:

This feature in the Infuse app will set the bar for all other competitors in the field. It would be great if Firecore can implement this.


Philips Hue works great but Infuse could be more universal and simply work with HomeKit.

If you’re an Apple user you probably already have your Philips Hue connected to the HomeKit via Philips Hue Bridge.