Philips Hue support

Logitech Harmony is very problematic in the home automation items.I wrote it many times with Logitech support, but I could not reach any solution.

This is a killer deal for me. If this comes, I will switch to Infuse :). Until then…

Philips hue support built in just like hue sync does it would be so amazing! Please prioritize this feature!?

Please please Hue sync integration.

I registered only to write this :slight_smile:


What will happen, if infuse would support philips hue?
Will the color change according to the image on the screen (sync?)

It is on the list for the future. We will just have to wait and see what sort of implementation they do.

It will sync the colors of the screen but only to the toilet seat LEDs. :wink:

+1 hue entertainment

It is in the most recent MrMC release. I tested it and it works very well (but only with up to 1080p files). What they are lacking is an option to set the intensity and brightness of the lights. If you implement Hue Entertainment, it would be nice if you consider this if it’s possible.

Would also love this! Crazy how much hue lights add to the ambiance of movies

Please use the Philips Hue Sync API for Philips Hue Entertainment integration including adjusting the intensity and transition of the light and colors.

This is exactly what I was looking to request for as a feature. Glad to see so many other folks also asking for the same. I’d love to have Hue sync support added to my TV experience through your platform! Please Infuse???

Hello there

I am also interested in Philips Hue integration. I saw it on the roadmap so hopefully we’ll have some news on that soon.

Can we please have a 2019 ETA from Infuse? :slight_smile:

Up! Please infuse, it could be a very exciting update :slight_smile:

Yep - its planned - and they’re now stating v6 will be released in first quarter of 2019.

However they’ve planned “Philips Hue” which might be as simple as selecting a scene on play and a scene on pause - or it might be as per this thread - supporting hue entertainment.

Given the firecore track record of being generally awesome - I have faith in Hue entertainment - I’m hoping this quarter :slight_smile:

Also requesting a philips hue ambillight support with infuse :slight_smile:
Would be awesome!

If this could work like MrMC (just tried) it would be awesome and a whole new level on immersivity on our content! +1 dor this one!

I didn’t know MrMC did this already :slight_smile: off to try it :slight_smile:

OK that works! It’s been available since september for the record.

Edit: Someone already mentioned this - however they said it only works with 1080p.
It does work with 4k - but only in VideoToolbox mode - and then you lose rpoper rendering of HDR.

So the implementation is improving but I reckon Firecore can do better :smiley: