Philips Hue support

Maybe offering up an open standard of outer colour points as a software stream that Hyperion can interpret over your network would be a good idea.

Then build hue support into Hyperion?

For me hue entertainment is not about making a wall wash ambilight with expensive hue products

It’s setting the mood for the room. When the movie goes dark - the room goes dark…

It’s using all of the light sources in the room…to bring the scene away from the wall and into the space.

I agree, ambilight behind TV is very good but expecting the same from house bulb is not giving the same taste, on the contrary it makes you irrigated. For the ones who has got satellite receiver Vu+, there is a plugin which enables Hue bulbs be aligned with Vu+

If you want scenes it’s supported in emby server and it works with infuse+emby integration.

Yes I know - in plex too, but that’s just setting a scene, not hue entertainment.

I want the room to react to what’s on the screen. I’m just not focussed on recreating an ambilight tv - I want the room environment to react.

Yes. Any updates?
MrMC aka Kodi has this future now for a long time…

Is this ever going to happen!?? First request was in 2017!

You can see what’s on the planned list here.

Looks like it’s on the “Planned” section. :smiley:

yes but it keeps on moving out!

FYI, now that Infuse has Emby support it has some Hue control support. There’s a Hue plugin for Emby that you can set to change what the lights are set to for when play starts, stops, pauses, and unpauses. You can have separate sets for both TV shows and Movies.

It cover everything that I was looking for in Hue support. Having the room lights flash with the TV picture is too distracting. I had tried it with a beta product that Dreamscreen was working on before they went out of business.

For the ambilight type of active bias lighting on the back of the TV I use an HDFurry Diva. It works great for it and they support LLDV which I’m not sure if anyone else does yet. Pricey but if you can take advantage of some of it’s other features it looks more reasonable.

I’m here with you on this. The flashing lights with the scene is distracting and from what i gather with other clients isn’t supported when doing HDR content.

New Tv Lightstrip

looks cool but again as everything with hue its $$$ I already have hue lights, waiting for the promised Hue support in infuse. Purchased infuse to help support getting this feature in but it seems the developers could careless

I’m wondering if they ran into difficulties? Hue support through other platforms/apps such and kodi only seem to work with SDR content.

As far as I know the HDFury Diva is the only lighting that works correctly with HDR. They support it with HDR10 and LLDV. So that might be part of it. I’m still happy with my current combo of the Diva along with the Emby plugin that dims and turns the lights up on play/pause.

I believe the official hue box does as well however that thing is ridiculously expensive for what is essentially a novelty feature.

With the AppleTV App Mr. MC there it Hue support since a long time.
Please bring Hue support to Infuse.

I love it if I start playing a movie/tv show, the light is dimming to 10% and if it stops ore pause ist goes to normal brightness

If you use emby as your media server it integrates in with hue and smartthings. This works with infuse.

@james Any chance of an official update on the progress of this feature? It’s been on the list for years now.



Upup - @James please help us. We are waiting for this feature soooo loooong…