Philips Hue support

Worth noting that if firecore implement this - the control they have over the buffer and playback would allow them to adjust for latency and sync almost perfectly, in a way that a hardware pass through device never really can without risking audio sync issues.

IMO Before the ambience, I will accept it as a sign of goodwill, Even if they do that, lights on the menu; when we play, lights off.

Any BF deals on the Hue box going around?

It is indeed - did for me in terms of visuals like when I first heard a movie at home in 5.1: put a big smile on my face…

It’s absolutely idiot-proof. Virtually no real set up to speak of and it works.

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And now it’s pushed again to “planned”…


Yup not in the latest update. Can we get this feature already!!!

After waiting in vain for Infuse, I decided and purchased a complete wireless ambilight system (ambivision pro) that connects to my Hue lights also. One of the best purchases I have ever made for my home cinema.

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Any update on this? I’ve been following from afar and noticed the Hue inclusion seems to have slipped away from the updates.

A better solution than the Philips software is Hyperion:

Hyperion is an ambient lighting software which runs on many platforms like Raspberry Pi, Amlogic, MacOS and Linux.

Would it be possible to integrate this software?

I have been using Hyperion for a while as it’s in my opinion top level of this ambilight system that we want to build. It’s very good but it’s driving different LED type, not sure it can be oriented for Philips Hue bulbs.

Good to hear. Yeah, I’m not sure about that, either. But you get top notch integration of the light strips. Waaaay batter than the hue sync box as each LED of the strip can have a different color vs whole strip having the same color via the hue box.

Maybe offering up an open standard of outer colour points as a software stream that Hyperion can interpret over your network would be a good idea.

Then build hue support into Hyperion?

For me hue entertainment is not about making a wall wash ambilight with expensive hue products

It’s setting the mood for the room. When the movie goes dark - the room goes dark…

It’s using all of the light sources in the room…to bring the scene away from the wall and into the space.

I agree, ambilight behind TV is very good but expecting the same from house bulb is not giving the same taste, on the contrary it makes you irrigated. For the ones who has got satellite receiver Vu+, there is a plugin which enables Hue bulbs be aligned with Vu+

If you want scenes it’s supported in emby server and it works with infuse+emby integration.

Yes I know - in plex too, but that’s just setting a scene, not hue entertainment.

I want the room to react to what’s on the screen. I’m just not focussed on recreating an ambilight tv - I want the room environment to react.

Yes. Any updates?
MrMC aka Kodi has this future now for a long time…

Is this ever going to happen!?? First request was in 2017!

You can see what’s on the planned list here.

Looks like it’s on the “Planned” section. :smiley: