Philips Hue support

Not true. It’s already an available feature on kodi - but limited to 1080p with the high quality render engine.

Here you go. It’s working in MrMC in 4K albeit in the wrong colourspace and MrMC has a painfully bad non native UI.

That works pretty well. It seems it’s responsive.

Yeah it is - Philips have done a lot of trickery to get it responsive through the new Entertainment API.

It’s more than fast enough to be immersive instead of distracting.

It would be better in the long run for Apple to support it natively so it could be enabled via HomeKit, no matter what you are doing with the Apple TV but we’ll be waiting a long time for that

Yeah probably never going to happen. I think infuse app is our only hope. Right now I’ve been fooling around with hue tv app on my iPad. For movie night with our kids I launch this app point it at the TV and the hue lights change with the color on the screen, works pretty good but sotra a pain to set up the iPad to point to the screen.

Looks likes Philips hue is officially on the roadmap for 6.2:


Fabulous! -upgrade-

What kind of implementation are we talking about? It would be a bummer if it’s only limited to lights on or off when playing a movie.

Hue sync like signify released (Mac and windows only at the moment) would be awesome.

+1 for Hue support. While sync would be awesome, I’d at least like for infuse to auto dim the lights to a pre-set movie level when I start a movie.

Any progress for this feature?

It’s in the queue.

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I know it’s planned but thought I would throw a quick +1 in for hue sync and homekit support :slight_smile:

So does anyone think that the upcoming Hue Sync Box will negate development in Infuse? Hope not since the Sync Box is rather $$$

Considering that it costs more than the Apple TV probably not.

Yep - that and Infuse can support Dolby Vision - if not HDR10+ at the moment (Apple TV 5 anyone?).

“HDR10+ and Dolby Vision images will still pass through the device in full quality to your TV, but the Hue Play box won’t be capable of analyzing them to produce light effects.”

Still great value in it. Although - as I’ve said before - if Apple could just support it natively it would work for youtube content, netflix / prime / etc. etc.

I assume apple wont ever do that though.

Yeah $229 is pretty pricey just to able change colors. I guess it does work on multiple devices that you plug in (I.E. your cable box, console, firetv etc…)
I wish apple would add a homekit api for whats showing on the screen but I’d doubt they would do this do to security concerns. I would like to see the Hue privacy policy. If the are processing the image of every connected device wouldn’t be hard imagining them being able to determine what you are watching, playing on your TV (Like shazma does for audio)

I preordered it last night

My first thought when I saw the price was no way… but changed my mind LOL

I figured:

  1. The box would be able to add in Hue sync to more than just Infuse, namely Netflix and PS4
  2. The box will most likely do the job better (less lag, more customization) beings as it is hardware developed for this purpose and not just a software “plug-in”
  3. If the experience didn’t WOW me, I’d be capable of returning for a refund.

This is feature I’ve been wanting for a long time.
I have 2 play bars behind my OLED and having a hands off approach to this type of experience would be ideal.

Definitely going to have to be impressive to be worth keeping.

This feature is deader than a dead dingo’s donga now. I cant imagine that Philips would let any third party get this up and running on the Apple TV, not after that ludicrously expensive box was released. I mean Hue is expensive, all us owners of it are used to that, but this box is outrageously overpriced for what it actually does - provide a second rate Ambilight without support for Dolby Vision and HDR10+, the two major standards for 4K movies.

Honestly, I think that Hue box is almost dead on arrival. No support for DV content. Not to mention it’s another box to position between TVs, soundbars, media boxes and splitters/switchers. The last thing I need is even more latency. Nevermind that insane price! I’m sure there are a few people who are really keen and will fork out the cash but I don’t see the market being big.

Really looking forward to the feature in infuse!

Also just a note on philips trying to stop integration here, there is a hue API used by many third party applications so there is no reason to believe Philips will stop anyone from integrating.