Philips Hue support

OK that works! It’s been available since september for the record.

Edit: Someone already mentioned this - however they said it only works with 1080p.
It does work with 4k - but only in VideoToolbox mode - and then you lose rpoper rendering of HDR.

So the implementation is improving but I reckon Firecore can do better :smiley:

I wonder when are they going to implement it…

Really hope they do support this. Really cool experience watching movies with the color lights synced up

Yes, it only works with 1080p, but that’s something :smiley: For a start would be very good, but if firecore can do it better it would be awesome (fingers crossed ahah)

So this works in Infuse?

No they are talking about a different app. This feature is on Firecore’s radar but probably not in the next few releases based on where it is in the official features “in process” and “planned” thread here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20) (Note, this is just my interpretation of when we’ll see it based on features that have been listed as “in progress” and “planned” in the past and how long it took for them to hit the released versions.)


Sad times :frowning:

V6 is released but no hue Entertainment :-/

Bunch of new features I won’t use :frowning: sigh…

Hope the render engine changes are worth the upgrade

When (if) they add Hue support I’ll purchase v6.

I became aware of this project which solved the issue for me:

This homebridge-plugin announces play/pause-states of my ATV as a homekit-switch and allows using them as a trigger for homekit-scenes. This works even better than an Infuse-integration would, because its app-independent.

I don’t think so upgrade to new versions until Hue integration comes.

That’s great - and should work in any app as well - which is cool

but it’s not what we’re waiting for:

This is what we’re waiting for. My entire lounge is RGB hue lights.

I doubt we’ll get hue sync support as this seems to be limited to the hue sync pc/Mac app. I haven’t seen anything like this available in any iOS or android app.

Not true. It’s already an available feature on kodi - but limited to 1080p with the high quality render engine.

Here you go. It’s working in MrMC in 4K albeit in the wrong colourspace and MrMC has a painfully bad non native UI.

That works pretty well. It seems it’s responsive.

Yeah it is - Philips have done a lot of trickery to get it responsive through the new Entertainment API.

It’s more than fast enough to be immersive instead of distracting.

It would be better in the long run for Apple to support it natively so it could be enabled via HomeKit, no matter what you are doing with the Apple TV but we’ll be waiting a long time for that

Yeah probably never going to happen. I think infuse app is our only hope. Right now I’ve been fooling around with hue tv app on my iPad. For movie night with our kids I launch this app point it at the TV and the hue lights change with the color on the screen, works pretty good but sotra a pain to set up the iPad to point to the screen.

Looks likes Philips hue is officially on the roadmap for 6.2: