Philips Hue support

I’ll like to have support for philips hue lamps.
Just to have something like Ambilight without having Phlips TV.
I have just read an article on a blog saying:

" The new feature will be called Hue Entertainment and works very similarly to Philips’ other entertainment lighting technology: Ambilight. Instead of utilizing just a multicolored strip of LED lights, Entertainment will link the company’s extensive range of bulbs with supported TVs, media players and consoles to match exactly what you’re seeing on the screen. The company will invite partners and leading entertainment brands to sign up to its early access program in October, ahead of a public launch in December."

Source: Philips' Hue lights will soon sync with movies, games and music

May be the developer can subscribe to the program, just to see if will be it an option. :slight_smile:


EDIT1: Here is the link from Philips Login - Philips Hue Developer Program



Just came here to request the same thing, this would be awesome!


I agree that a little integration with Philips Hue lights could be an awesome new feature!!

Could start simple like — “starting video playback will trigger a preset Hue Scene”. Eventually maybe infuse could control Hue Ambient lights so that their color(s) match the colors currently being displayed on the TV screen.

If this is too much work for a unpopular feature, then perhaps you could consider making Infuse’s API compatible with a 3rd-party app, like IFTTT. That way IFTTT could take care of all Hue Lighs controlling. Infuse would just need to be a compatible trigger so that it can be used in IFTTT recipes.


Yes. That’d be nice!

(note that I have a Philips TV and I already have Hue integration - but wonder if I will get the new flavor on my TV too)


Another angle into this is to make the infuse app Homekit compatible. This would add greater functionality than just Hue. It would allow multiple accessories to be included int he scene eg. blinds, speakers, a/c etc.


I’d love Homekit support.!


I need this!!

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∧ Me too

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Hue support would be great.
I could imagine two version:
1st - Automatic depending on what’s on screen
2nd - scripted with a text document (similar to srt) with up to four bulbs (front left, front right, rear left, rear right) to have a more atmospheric lighting

variables could be: fl (front left), fr, rl, rr, fa (front all), ra (rear all), al (all left), ar (all right), all
color, brightness, blink (steady blinking), shot (short blinking one time for explosions or shots), off

example (police in red light district):
1:18:34 ar {color = lightblue; brightness = 100%; blink = true}, fa {color = pink, brightness = 50%} – (neon lights in front, police car in the back)
1:18:42 all {color = white; brightness = 10%; nofading} – (normal behaviour maybe fading the new colours in half a second, here a sudden lighting change)
1:19:30 all {color = red; brightness = 50%}
1:20:00 fa {off} – (no light in front, leaving red lights in the back)
1:20:01 fr {color = white; brightness = 100%; shot; nofading} – (revolver shot at the right)

This would reflect surroundings in the movie more than an automatic colour change. So the lights for the green meadow would stay green, no matter if there is a red dress on screen or not.
well, would be heavy work to program this for a movie, but with a database where to download what people had done for their favourite movies it would be cool.

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+1 would love to havePhilips Hue support :slight_smile:


+1 here too. Ambilight with my Hue strip that is already behind the TV would be freaking awesome! It would really set Infuse two steps above the competition.

Yes please!
Support for HomeKit and Philips Hue would be great.
Philips has introduced Hue Entertainment API which should make it quite easy to add support for the Philips hue.

Any response from the developer whether this is in development?

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As I understand this is possible with a plugin on the Plex media server but Plex does not have high definition audio

Would it be possible with infuse?

Br Kribban


You could take a look at the ‘Sync my lights’ app witch uses user generated scripts to set the scene.

I just received the new hue app update that includes “entertainment areas”, I have set this up in my living room, now just waiting for something to make use of it.

I’d love if Infuse would integrate Hue entertainment support.

+1 This would be a killer feature on Apple TV version for Pro subscribers! Perfect timing with the release of Hue Entertainment this week.