Philips Hue lights synchronisation with Infuse using new Philips Hue Entertainment SDK

Hi Infuse,
For a few years now i use Infuse on the AppleTV (first as jailbreak on ATV2 and currently on the ATV4) to watch movies and series from my NAS. I really like Infuse and like the quick improvements you are making to the app.

Lately, i bought a Philips Hue system and installed a lot of Hue lights in mu house. This year, Philips Hue created a brand new feature called Hue Entertainment. With Hue Entertainment you can connect Philips Hue colorlights to entertainment systems such as media players and games consoles.

Wouldn’t it be extremely nice to make the next big step for Infuse by integrating Philips Hue Entertainment in the Apple TV and iOS apps so a brand new experience is created while watching content using Infuse? Philips Hue has a Entertainment Development Kit (see There are lot’s of cool video on YouTube showing the speed and experience of Hue Entertainment.

As a heavy user of Infuse on the AppleTV I want Hue Entertainment to be integrated so i can watch videos and series using 3D Philips Hue Lighting experience! :slight_smile:

I even read an article that Razer (the gaming company) integrated Hue Entertainment.

The Netherlands

If you have a Philips TV with ambilight, you can add your lights and convert them in a big ambilight on your room.

This is already running in the “Suggestions” forum :slight_smile: