PGS subtitles do not work in Infuse 6

PGS subtitles do not appear to work at all in Infuse 6.

I access my media through a Plex server. When I play media with PGS subtitles through Infuse 6, no subtitles are detected and the top drop-down menu during playback does not list any subtitles.

My media with PGS subtitles use the following filename format:

Subtitles are displayed in both the Apple TV Plex app and the Plex web player, so Plex itself detects and displays these subtitles fine. Infuse 5 was also able to display these subtitles without issue.

What type of connection are you using to the server (e.g. DNLA/UPNP, SMB, NFS, etc)?

I’m connecting through the Plex integration. Media with SRT subtitles work fine by the way, same naming convention: [name].srt.

This is on Infuse Pro 6.0.6 (lifetime).

Have you tried the “sup” file extension instead of “sub”?


It may have change but from what I remember PGS subtitles are not supported through plex or DLNA. Try using a SMB connection. If it works then you know it’s a plex issue.

PGS subtitles have to be transcoded to work as they are an image file. Since infuse does not support video transcoding from plex they won’t work.

There are some quick solutions that work perfectly with Infuse Plex integration
1)simply OCR the subtitles and create a srt file. Result is usually quite accurate, just a few spelling mistakes.
2) convert and embed them in a mkv container. Not as flexible as srt (they are still images) but result is good

There are quite a few utilities that automate the processes above so even a large library is done in a reasonable time.

Yes, I’m aware there are a number of possible workarounds. But the bottom line is that PSG subtitles in external files are unsupported?

External IDX/SUB pairs are not supported in Infuse at this time. Sorry.

Integrated PGS should work if using SMB.

easiest solution with a Mac is to convert those external idx/sub files to srt with an app from app store called ‘Subtitle converter’

Works a treat - oddly a Mac has the functionality built in so can use the terminal to convert, but the small price for this easy GUI app is worth it i reckon… easy, quick and worth having for those rare occasions (I always prefer external srt files anyway)

Please add support even MPV can this.