PGS Subtitle Video Crash iOS & tvOS

On some of the shows PGS subtitles are used quite heavily making the video crash on Infuse for ios/tvos (never ending buffer spinner). It happens when an animated karaoke style subtitle is displayed top left of the screen while displaying regular text subtitles on the bottom of the display. When Infuse is displaying both on screen this is when the subtitles get out of sync and eventually the video completely stops. I have a sample of the show in the spot it crashes if that would help.

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If you’re able to send in a sample we can test here that would be great.

This has been resolved for the upcoming 6.2.7 release, which should be out next week.

Thanks for the report!

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6.2.7 is now available on the App Store. :slight_smile:

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Awesome! It definitely made a dramatic improvement!

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