PGS subtitle delay

Yesterday I’ve recognized a small issue on PGS subtitle. I’ve watched a tvshow and the opening has some pseudo-karaoke subtitle. After the middle of the opening the subtitle became out of sync(?). This is not on the original content from disc and when I watched it last year with Infuse, I did not recognize this behavior. Seems new to me. If you need some test file I can provide it to you.

Hmm, sorry about that.

Are you able to replicate the issue with the same file? If so, a sample would be great.

Hi James,

Sorry for my late reply. Was on a business trip for a couple of weeks. I have uploaded a sample file with the opening. I hope this will help your team.

Can you give the 6.3.1 update a try and let us know if the issue is still present for you?

Hi James,

I did a test today and I am happy to tell you that it is working as expected. Thank you so much for fixing.

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