Personal movies should not show metadata

I have a lot of personal movies placed in separat folders apart from commercial movies.
My problem is that my personal movies fetch metadata from any movie that has something in it’s name similar to the filename. In that way I get totally wrong information about my privat movie and also wrong picture. It’s been worse since I recently upgraded to version 5…
As text I would like to have only the filename. And a picture just from the beginning of my movie.

I’ve tested putting an xml-file close to the videofile and then I can have it my way.
But since I have hundreds of small privat videos that would be a huge task.
Is there an easier way to manage this?

Latest Infuse 5 on new Apple TV.

You can force Infuse to use local (generated) metadata for certain folders by long-pressing on a Favorite or folder and selecting the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option.

This will clear out any existing metadata, and prevent Infuse from attempting to match any content contained inside with the online databases in the future.

Thanks James. That did it.

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