Personal Movie Appears Last in List

Just uploaded some movies that aren’t listed in TVDB. I was successful in creating an XML. However it appears last in the list and not in alphabetical order.

Infuse will first group videos by category, then sort them alphabetically within each category.

Movies will be first, then TV Shows, then Other videos.

Sorry, not sure if I was clear.

So I have a concert video that isn’t listed on TMDB. I uploaded it into my movies directory with an xml. It shows up last alphabetically within movies only. Not sure where categories come from?

< media type=“Movie” >
< title >Renegades of Rhythm< /title >
< description >
< /description >
< cast >
< /cast >
< rating >< /rating >
< published >< /published >
< genres >< /genres >
< producers >< /producers >
< directors >< /directors >
< /media >


Still having issues. My personal movie is still showing up last in the movies folder. There are no categories that I’m aware of. It should just be alphabetized by title no?

Hey James

What about movie collections. What are they listed as? Folders obviously. Would it be possible to sort them alphabetically?