Personal Cloud - getting the right one.


I’m after a personal cloud storage system that I can access between Kenya and the UK. I’m looking at the more easy to use ones as I’m not techy (the WD my cloud). Can all personal cloud systems be accessed from anywhere in the world?

Also, can I easily move it to a new wifi connection so that my laptop can access it from different homes? (i.e. It would be in my home when I’m in the UK and at a different UK address when I am away). I also looking for Personal Cloud video to know more about it but,did not find much.

And, how easy is it to access the data from a friend’s computer or smart phone?

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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May I ask what your reason for choosing a personal cloud, when you are not tech savy? If it is security, I would assume a cloud service would be so much better, if you really have no idea what you are doing.

Hi JoeClark,

There are a couple of ways you can do that, but it usually is not a simple one and very cheap. One solution would be to create a VPN on one of the Sites, and then link the other site using the other site router VPN function. The VPN will also allow you to connect to your home from anywhere in the world, but The VPN type will be an issue because of the hardware you will be using, if like me you have iPhones and IMacs you will need a IPSec/L2TP, if portable devaices are Windows pptp will do.
You will also need a fix ddns, to link on to the router of the vpn site - can use some free ones like noip.
To creat the actual VPN and depending on how you good solution is to buy a NAS that has VPN server built in to it QNAP and Sinology may be some starting points.
Finally, when building this types of environment always think in safty frist, because this systems can be hacked.
This will be a long road but hope this gives you some directions/starting point.

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