Perpetually "Fetching Content" on iOS

It’s fine on Mac OS, but Infuse is perpetually fetching content on iOS. It will never stop no matter how many days I leave my phone open to the infuse app making sure it doesn’t fall asleep.

How many items do you have in your library? Did you try removing the app and trying again?

Yeah I’ve tried removing clearing rinse repeat.
I have 2,000 shows and like 4,000 movies

Can you show a screenshot from the library settings page of it fetching?

Hmm. Maybe post a diagnostic code and @james can take a look

How would I go about doing that

Click settings then Email us. Should give a code you can post here


And it is still going

I didn’t see a code. It makes it easier to track if you post it in the forums.

I got a response but they said they dont see whats wrong