Permission Denied (13)

Hi All, Bought a new NAS (needed extra storage).

Removed my previous connection to the old NAS and then set the new one up. Passes the connection test but wont actually open the drive to get to the folders, comes up with permission denied (13).

Any ideas?

Driving me mad as now have no way to play my media! :frowning:

I’m using Windows XP (still!) and the other thread on this with Windows 7 fix doesnt work as I cant take some of those steps.


Hi James,

Any idea on this please?


Have same problem when trying to connect to my files using the Media addon. Have contacted Firecore but they do not seem to have a solution to this problem. Waste of money buying if I can’t watcth .avi films as they declared!

Hi all,

Same problem here: 1 pc with win xp home having a shared folder which is not accessible (permission denied). Problem seems to has something to do with the amount of active networkconnections to the win xp home pc. When all my computers and aTV are turned on and have an active connection the problem occurs. Turning off some computers solved my  problem. The other pc with a shared folder doesn’t have the permission denied problem as it runs on win xp pro which can handle 10 networkconnections. win xp home only 5.

Maybe this info will be helpful to you.


Grtz Paul

does nay one know what the   fix is to get by this message

does nay one know what the   fix is to get by this message