Permanent annoying restore or purchase

It happens several times a week that Infuse Pro forgets its purchase status. When you want to play a title the restore purchase screen pops up. Then you click restore, everything is restored and continues. Could you please get rid of this annoying behaviour: even if the app “forgets” its purchase status - which should not happen in the first place - then please try first to restore in the background and only if this fails nag the user. Thanks in advance.

Add on information: I have a one year subsciption (still running). Maybe the “forgetting” problem is related to using multiple user accounts (with different countries = different iTunes stores).

Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the trouble.

We have seen a few cases where this can happen if you are switching between App Store accounts and countries.

In essence, the App Store gets confused and may download an update with an account that may not match the one which has a subscription. In this case, the ‘receipt’ stored for Infuse would no longer be valid and you would see a purchase prompt.

Ok, thanks for explaining. How about changing the annoying behaviour of the app? There’s an easy solution -just check automatically before annoying the user!

Infuse will actually do this to some extent, but App Store limitations and best practices restrict how many steps an app like Infuse should automate.

For example, if there was an issue with your Apple ID and Infuse continuously tried to automatically restore purchases, it could result in never-ending password prompts within the app…rendering it unusable. For this reason, a Restore button is a reasonable solution, and widely used among apps which utilize in-app purchases.

“Infuse will actually do this to some extent”? What I don’t understand then is, that ALWAYS - if I click on restore - it works immediately. There is no need and because of that also no risk of a continuous checking and blocking in a loop. But why doesn’t the app just “click” the button ONCE itself? Can you please explain this after rechecking with the developers. Thanks. The current situation is really annoying!

I think all apps do this. I have multiple iTunes accounts on my Apple TV. I have an American one so I can subscribe to Hulu and HBO Now (in app purchase). Every so often I have to restore my purchases with those apps because I’ve been signed into my Canadian account.

Family sharing will fix the problem your having with multiple accounts provided they are all in the same region.

If other apps have also this annoying issue, shouldn’t it be the goal to orient at other apps that don’t have this issue.
In my opinion there is an easy solution which should be implemented to make Infuse an even better app.
I can’t think of anything that prevents the app for “'pushing the button once automatically” instead of letting it do the user when the subscription-status was changed (which may have the reason in an update etc.) compared to the previous start.

And how do you know that Infuse isn’t already sending the restore command only to have it error out??? You may be seeing an issue where timing of the sending of the restore command comes into play and thus not a “Simple Fix”.

If this was a major issue don’t you think there would be many other users with the same complaint? When you’ve been given an explanation of why this occurs you may want to give Firecore a little time to dig into it.

If someone “digs into it” and will check if is really a timing issue or something else I would be more than happy. The first answer didn’t look like this is done, more like a “you are holding it wrong”.
So let’s wait some weeks and hope you are right, that someone of the devs takes a look at it. Looking forward to it.

I can appreciate the fact the current implementation may not be perfect, but the guidelines for In-App Purchases workflows are set by Apple, and it’s recommended that developers follow these.

Apple has a guide which outlines the steps for restoring In-App Purchases, and this process has been pretty consistent across all the apps we have seen which utilize In-App Purchases.

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