Performance on Metadata Question

I currently use NFS from my unRAID server for Infuse. To update my library takes a solid 10 minutes on launch to get the new stuff, even if its 1-2 tv episodes. I have about 3000 movies and about 9000 TV episodes. I was wondering what is the best course of action to speed this up. For example, would using local meta data make it faster? For movies I have local meta data, however I do not for TV shows currently.

Can I enable local meta data for one portion of my library and not for another? It seems the “fetching details” is the long haul for the delays. Once it finds stuff then it moves faster.

We recommend leaving the embedded metadata option disabled, as it will slow down fetching quite a bit.

Also, the recent 5.6.1 included a number of improvements related to metadata fetching speed, and library size. You might check to ensure you are using the latest version (5.6.2 was actually released yesterday).

Thanks, I am on the latest beta although not 100% sure if I’ve paid attention to that in the last week or two. I will see what the response time is and get back to ya.

So on 5.6.2 it took 3 min to “fetch content from IP”
About 20 seconds to fetch metadata for 20 new items
6 minutes To fetch thumbnails for 1106 items

I guess the biggest deal is the first one, how to get that number down as it’s a guaranteed wait for me to watch a newly add show (the main use case).

Based on those numbers it seems Infuse hadn’t previously fully fetched info for 1100+ items.

In this case, it’s normal for the fetching content process to take a little longer.

I recently bought Infuse for my Apple TV 4K. It is connected via gigabit Lan to my server.
I have an Emby docker running on an Unraid server, with Movies and TV shows saved in the SMB shares.
I use MediaCenterMaster to create local metadata files (nfo), backdrops and covers in each of the folders.
I tried scanning the folder with embedded metadata option, was getting no metadata back. I have then tried without metadata, looks beautiful but sometimes shows the wrong cover or the wrong information for the movie.
Should I try again the embedded metadata option? How do I know once it has completed the first scan succesfully?
Also I would like the movie library to show the movies sorted by DATE ADDED, which is contained in each nfo files, or even by the date of the file / folder on the server.
That does not seem to be an option?
Thanks for your help in advance

Welcome to the forum!

First, the embedded metadata option is for using metadata that is actually internal to the video file, not the accompanying nfo file and artwork. If you leave the Embedded metadata option off and the Metadata fetching on, Infuse will first use the metadata files you place in the same folder and if none are available it will then fetch metadata from the normal sources, themoviedb and thetvdb. If these sources return the incorrect data there is an edit function that you can choose the correct one.

As to the sort by date added, Infuse does have the recently added library sort that shows I believe the last 30 movies added but not the ability to sort the entire library by date added. It can show movies sorted by release date.