Per-folder/share metadata language


just got an ATV4 and Infuse and I’m loving it! We have series in several languages and it’d be great if one could set the metadata language per folder/favourite.

Storage/Series EN/…
Storage/Series FR/…

that way one can have the episode descriptions/names in correct language.

Thanks for such a great product!

I haven’t found a way to do this yet so any ideas…? If not then certainly a suggestion for the future:

I have films in different languages and have divided them into different shares on my NAS. The default language of my apple tv and the bulk of my films are in English, but that really mucks up the metadata pulling for all the (eg) French films… I would so love to be able to specify by some way or other the languages of all the files in a certain folder and therefore pull metadata for each film in its correct language.

Currently, there is a metadata language setting but it is global and so it applies to all media in Infuse. However, I’ll like to request a secondary metadata language setting that can be applied on individual media file. So, this will serves as an override of the metadata language for each media file. I understand that this feature may not be required by everyone but it is very useful for Infuse users living in Asia (like myself). Here we watch tv and movies from all around the world and all languages - I alone watched US (English), Japan (Japanese), Korea (Korean), Hong Kong (Cantonese) and China (Mandarin). So, it is very appreciated if I can see the metadata in the language of the media. I suspect most users in US only watches English programs so this feature may not appear to be important to them. But I assure you that there are also plenty users like me who will welcome this feature.

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It would be nice if we could set metadata in different languages for different folders. I have both English and French movies, in different folders. The software eventually changes all metadata to English even after I’ve set them to French in the French movies folder.

Just as a option until it becomes a feature (if it garners enough support too) you should be able to place a nfo file in the preferred language next to the movie and it should stay in that language.

One benefit would be you wouldn’t have to have a separate folder for languages, just include the nfo file for those movies you want in a different language.