penubuntu login: ?


Have a usb stick that I have successfully used for patchstick before (Kingston 1 GB refused to work with aTV) when i format it for ATV flash seems to install fine every time till it gets to this line:

penubuntu login:

Then it just stops, if I reformat and make it a patchstick it works fine and can run on any Apple TV’s no problem just cannot get ATV flash to work in any way shape or form, very frustrating. :shock:

I’ve had the same problem with my AppleTV. Can’t install aTV Flash.

Found out that this was due to a USB key that wasn’t playing well with aTV. I was using a Sandisk 2GB “Colors” (or something like that). The one that worked was a Memorex 2GB TravelDrive. The TravelDrive is a USB 2.0. I’m not sure about the Sandisk. I’m wondering if this is a timing issue.