Pen drive on SMB

Hello guys, sorry if someone already ask this, but i didn’t find it. I am trying to save a movie on my Pen drive, but the file is bigger than 5GB, and this pen drive is format as FAT32, how can i solve it? I have a macbook. Do i have format this pen drive in which kind of format ? Appreciate your attention.

If you want it compatible with both Mac and PS format it exFAT. If you’re only concerned with PC then go with NTFS. Both allow for files greater than 4Gb.

Thanks for your help. I tried exFAT, so Infuse didn’t find any file, after that i tried Mac OS (expanded), worked. is it correct, Infuse don’t recognize exFAT (Format), or i did anything wrong ?

Infuse really doesn’t care what the drives are formatted as, it’s the computer that handles that part. You may not have had sharing permissions set correctly when you had it formatted as exFAT.

If you’re mainly Mac ecosystem then stick with the Mac format.

Thanks again, but i really don’t know how fix it, i tried again exFAT mode, and INFUSE says empty file. I use Tuxera on my mac to format my pendrive, there isn’t any information about permissions, or i didn’t find it. Sorry bother, but i really don’t know how solve it. Is there a chance my SMB dont accept exFAT format ?

What are you plugging the drive into?

A movie

Ha that’s what you’re putting on the drive. What are you plugging the drive into so your Apple TV can see the movie on the drive?

Ha sorry, English isn’t my first language, but i am plugging the drive into my SMB (Cisco - Router). is that the question ? lol

Yup, that was it. What’s the model number? We could use that to see what format it should be in.

Its a CISCO Linksys E4200.

It looks like you should format it as NTFS.

After that make sure you go through the settings on your router to share it.

Thanks !!! Appreciate all attention

If you are primarily Mac you can use the HFS+ and the Linksys is fine with that one too.