Peer to Peer Airplay Streaming Issue

Today I was playing around trying to get peer to peer Airplay streaming to work from my Iphone 6s plus with my new ATV 4 using the Infuse app.

For those of you that don’t know, you can use Airplay on the ATV without being connected to WIFI :slight_smile: The trick is you still need WIFI on on your iphone. However it doesn’t have to be connected to a network. It can even be connected to a different network from your ATV. Your iphone Bluetooth DOES need to be ON for ATV Airplay discovery. From there you can do normal airplay stuff - mirror, stream, etc.

Now for the issue. I was able to use peer to peer airplay on my iphone Infuse app to stream a movie. However, the initial connection is flaky. Unless you start airplay in the correct sequence to the ATV relative to the Infuse app you will get a “connection error” on the ATV. The movie starts then you get the error.

I couldn’t figure out the exact pattern to replicate the issue but it seems if Infuse (on iphone) is already set to airplay before movie starts you get the error. I have to toggle the Infuse app back to iphone then back to ATV for it to work properly.

Just try it a couple of times and I am sure you will see the issue. Sorry that I can’t be more exact.