PCM vs Bitsream

Hi everyone

I know Infuse encodes dts or dolby bitstream from movie into PCM in order ATV4K can play it losselessly, witch is great !

However, i can’t stop asking myself, if there are some loose of metatadas during this conversion. I know that bitstream as dolby have plenty of metadata such as dialnorm, or drc… those metadata are still present in PCM ?
At least, is there any difference between those two format ?

Thanks for you help


See here

Technically there might be differences but in real world listening you probably won’t here a difference.

Thank you jarvis !
Actually, i’v already read that article during my research. What mr wilkinson say on it is interesting.
But he don’t talk so much about the plenty of dts or dolby’s metadatas. Are those metadatas are still present on pcm ?
Anyway thank you for your help ?

Don’t know. Irregardless of whether they are or aren’t the Apple TV only supports PCM so discussing the finer points between the two is a moot point.

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