PCM to Dolby noise


I’m getting static noise whenever my ATV4 changes from PCM to any surround format (mostly Dolby) using Infuse in audio passthrough. I did some research here, but couldn’t find a recent post about it, they are all old and presumably fixed issues.

ATV4 native sounds are sent via PCM and when I play something Dolby I get a really loud noise and it only stops when I ask my receiver to recognise the audio format again.

It happens even when I pause the movie to change the subtitles, for example.

It only happens with Infuse (version 4 and 5). Netflix and other apps do fine.

My receiver is a Cambridge Audio CXR 120.

Is someone experiencing something like this?


I have the same problem with DTS24/96. As I remember it works ok in previous versions of Infuse but it is broken now (only static noise). But I don’t know if it is a problem with Infuse or with new version of tvOS.
See my reply in: “DTS-MA Distorted / Buzzing Audio” thread.