PCM Multichannel (Infuse) vs Passthrough (Nvidia Shield) : BIG Difference!

Hi there,
I finally bought the brand new Nvidia Shield TV to compare how Infuse/Apple TV managed multichanel audio compared to Passthrough.
i’m sorry to say that Passthrough is WAY better than AppleTV’s PCM conversion while watching DTS-MA and Dolby True HD videos.
More dynamic, more clarity, well, the difference is obvious.
I need to mention that “Reduce loud sounds” is off on my Apple TV.
This post is meant to say that something is wrong with ATV conversion to PCM and this is not a solution for people investing lots of money on proper receivers and loudspeakers.
Although Nvidia Shield UX/UI is catastrophic compared to ATV, I’ll stick to it until Apple allows audio passthrough.


Welcome to the forum!

There can be some differences in how receivers handle audio formats. For example, some DSP modes will boost the center channel volume for certain audio track types, and not others.

With that said, we have been working to encourage Apple to add more options for audio on the Apple TV (Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV) and hopefully they will add these in the future.

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