pCloud token expiration on two different Infuse « accounts »

I have been using Infuse Pro 6 for about over a week now, and it has been excellent! I have been using the iOS, iPadOS, and macOS alpha apps all connected to my pCloud drive.

I had some initial trouble setting it up on the Apple TV, as I share the Apple TV with others and I am not the default user on the device, so even if I downloaded the app from my Apple ID, the app only seems to retrieve iCloud data from the default user’s iCloud Drive. After some testing and deliberating, I realized that the most convenient choice for my situation was to have the default user purchase Infuse Pro 6 and then have them connect to my pCloud drive from one of their iOS devices (there were too many drawbacks to purchase sharing or resetting the Apple TV to where I am the default user).

The issue I have run into is that once they have signed into my pCloud on their Infuse app, I am signed out of mine. It seems that the token expires once signing into another Infuse « account ». Is there any way I can fix this or if it can be fixed in an update where pCloud can grant more than one token? I read in a different part of this forum that the tokens are synced through iCloud, and in this situation there are two iCloud accounts synchronizing Infuse data trying to connect to the same pCloud drive. Is it possible that, because of this, the setup I am trying to achieve would not be possible at all?

I have actually figured out my own solution. I had the default user make their own pCloud account and then I shared my pCloud folders with them. Now everything works fine. Sorry to bother you all!


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