pCloud & iCloud sync

My pCloud service broke connection since the last update and now I get a message that I need to sign-in via iCloud then sync … I tried it with my iPhone, iPad & macOS without any luck

Can you help me?


Are you able to log in to pCloud on iOS? Are you able to access files there?

Once the share is working on iOS, it should sync over to the Apple TV automatically. However, there are a few requirements for ensuring iCloud Sync is able to work correctly. More info can be found in this guide.

Working fine on my iPad, iPhone and macOS all the file shows up with no problems, I even re-logged in to pCloud.

Sorry I should have clarified that Apple TV I’ve problem with not syncing even when it was working great a few days ago

iCloud is active even I get status on the app on ATV says “Syncing with iCloud” not sure what broke the connection or how to fix it

Found a solution,

I needed to delete pCloud account manually from all my devices then waited a few days then on my macOS Infuse app I signed in to my pCloud account, did an iCloud sync and it showed on all my devices again without asking my to login again :slight_smile:

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