PC Users give up

I have tried every link and guide. Creating the custom ipsw is no issue. The issue seems to be getting the ATV in a true recovery mode. Every error I get is a result of the ATV not being in full DFU mode. In wondows it is no problem selecting the ipsw file even when not in DFU.

I did the JB in conjunction with snowbreeze and snowbreeze application told me I was in DFU as well.
It just does not work for PC's.

If anyone has had success doing it please let us know!!!!!!

I finally managed to do a tethered JB of 4.2.1 on my AppleTV 2G after 2 weeks of trying.

Followed the instructions at:

You need a Mac running Snow Leopard with a Windows 7 virtual machine (e.g. on Parallels).

The only change to the instructions are that you need to do the restore of the custom firmware under Windows with iTunes 10.1. Also helps to use iReb first if you keep getting Error 1600.

If you get Error 21, just do a normal restore of Apple’s 4.2.1 firmware first.

It’s a pain to do all the steps right, but well worth the effort to have ATV Flash and Airplay at the same time.

You will have to rerun steps 7-9 of the jailbreak after installing aTV Flash beta 2 and restarting your AppleTV.

Last bit of advice: set Shutdown to Never in settings, otherwise you’ll have to redo the tethered jailbreak every time AppleTV sleeps. Not very envirofriendly, but…

good news is that an untethered version is due to come around xmas


Everywhere I look people are saddled with different errors. Including me. Your posts prerequisites confirm what I meant, but Ty for info.

Hopefully they will incorporate the JB into the installer somehow.

I agree. Buying this beta was total waste of money, because I can’t use it. Every combination of jailbreak instructions I have used on windows PC has failed. And both posts on this forum have gone unanswered. Not to mention the support request that was also not answered.

Tethered jailbreak on windows does work. I did it last night on Windows 7.

It isn't easy though.

Firstly, you need your IPSW from Pwnagetool, itunes 10.1, and download iReb and windows tethered boot. I will provide links if needed.

Once the IPSW is produced, you don't need a mac at all.

It is a pain in the behind to drop the ATV 2G into dfu. Note that if you try and restore in Recover mode it won't work - you will commonly get error 21.

iReb can help with timing to drop into DFU - I found it very useful.

If you aren't using iReb, make sure that you have unplugged the mains power. and started iTunes.

2) Then, with the USB plugged in, hold down and menu for 6 seconds until the light blinks quickly, then immediately release and then hold menu and play/pause.

You should hear your Windows PC make the usb (dis)connecting sound two or three times,

Windows should install the DFU drivers.

Restore your Pwned custom IPSW using iTunes.

Now copy the IPSW, and rename it with a .rar extension.

Drop to DFU again. This may take a few goes.

Open this rar, and copy the kernel.release.k66 (or something like that) into the same folder as tehheredboot for windows.

Do the same with the IBSS file - you may need to drill down a few levels to find it.

Open a command prompt, adn change directory to the folder where your tethereboot lives along with the files you just extracted.

Making sure you are still in DFU, run the following in the command prompt:

tetheredboot -i  iBSS.k66ap.RELEASE.dfu -k kernelcache.release.k66

If all is well, tethereboot will exploit the AppleTV, upload the kernel and iBSS files, and it will boot tethered.

Now do your aTV install, restart, run a tethered boot from dfu again, and it works.


EDIT: If you get error 1600, then you can delete some iTunes files to resolve this. Can't remember the exact path, but post here if you get this error and I'll find it for you.





Thanks. Got to get a mac to try it. I thought it was easier than that with atv version 4.0. It may well be that my sn0wbreeze isn't building the IPSW file right. I will also try iReb to get the timing for DFU right. I had gotten the blinking front LED so I thought I was in DFU.

Nice. Didn’t know it was possible via Windows alone. Top work.

Sorry, those instructions were for 4.1 (iOS 4.2). But iReb should help getting into dfu.

Thanks :slight_smile: if sn0wbreeze can do the ipsw then it is totally windows. But I did use my hackintosh to make the ipsw. You could probably download it. The key was finding terheredboot for windows.

Well,its nice to see it can be done.
I Just hope by the time the actual release is ready there will be a simple JB for PC or the JB will be built into the software.

I will try the ireb thing as well. I think the iTunes screen when you’re in DFU does not look like the regular restore screen based on pictures I have seen of iTunes in Mac guides for atv JB… So I believe this is where my issue was because when sn0wbreeze confirmed i was in DFU, iTunes did not.

I would definitely like to see more information for PC users on the site, seems like people are getting frustrated.

I'll writeup a full guide at some point, though the untethered will make the whole thing simple.

hardest bit is getting into DFU. Once there everything is happy.

I'm sure some of Chronic Dev Team's stuff could actually be used to do the restore as well. i can look into it at some point.


How do you tetheredboot for windows?

I wouldn’t bother with a writeup at this point. My guess is when the new JB comes out it will be written into the ATV software. Thanks for the offer.